General Wellness:


Lab Testing

Joint Injections


Pain Management

Illness, Health Exams and General Treatments

General Health:

Illness and Disease

EPM Testing and Treatment

Gastrointestinal and Ulcers

Respiratory and Scoping

Coggins and Health Certificates

Rescue and Neglect Cast Exams and Care


Digital Portable Radiographs (X-Rays)

Maintenance & Injuries

Injuries, Wounds, Trauma Care

Lameness Exams

Hoof Care, Canker, and Laminitis


For your convenience, many of the medications most commonly prescribed by our veterinarian(s) are often available.

We only dispense Rx products written by the Abba Vet Supply veterinarian(s). We will not fill prescriptions written by other veterinarians or providers.

If your product is one of the medications we have available, you will be offered the opportunity to purchase it at competitive prices for your convenience.

Please note we can only dispense Rx products to patients of Dr. Kevin Brophy and that have been approved.