McTarnahans® Haarlem Oil

By Dr. Kevin L. Brophy, DVM


McTarnahans® Haarlem Oil


McTarnahans® Haarlem Oil

Made from juniper berry tar, this versatile, polyvalent treatment for the cure and prevention of illness, improves the urinary system and toxin elimination. Helps against intestinal, biliary, urinary and respiratory infections. Guards against the proliferation of intestinal parasites and eliminates them (they are a major cause of colic). Assists rapid recovery by the animal after strenuous effort and has a general de-tiring effect on horses in competition. Also used as a natural diuretic for oral equine use only. Especially useful after a hard workout or race to help induce urination and aid in preventing tying up. Administer entire tube, orally, as needed.

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Weight.20 lbs

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