Lacta Aid Supplement 1.5oz

By Dr. Kevin L. Brophy, DVM



Lacta Aid Supplement 1.5oz

Lacta-Aid is a paste formulated to enhance the energy metabolism for performance horses at the cellular level. Converts blood sugar into readily available energy by limiting the production of lactic acid, and helps prevent “tying up” syndrome.

Each oz contains 1,000 mg oleic acid, 900 mg L-carnosine, 900 mg linoleic acid, 700 mg calcium pantothenate, 500 mg palmetic acid, 425 mg lipoic acid and 19.5 mg linolenic acid.

Honey flavored.

Directions: Use contents of tube the morning of competition and a second tube 30 minutes prior to competition.

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Made in the USA.

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Weight.6 lbs

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