Equi Aid CW Pellet Horse Wormer (Pyrantel Tartrate)

By Dr. Kevin L. Brophy, DVM

Equi Aid CW Pellet Horse Wormer (Pyrantel Tartrate)

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Equi Aid CW Pellet Horse Wormer (Pyrantel Tartrate)


* Medicated pellets for daily feeding protect against 18 species & stages of equine parasites
* The best value in continuous parasite protection
* Double strength (2.11%) pyrantel tartrate
* Compare to Strongid C2X

Equi Aid CW pellet formula for daily feeding to provide continuous worm control. Contains 9.6 gms pyrantel tartrate per lb. Controls large and small strongyles, pinworms and ascarids. Top-dress 1 oz per 500 lbs body wt on the daily ration. Should be administered for the entire period that animals are at risk to internal parasites. May be administered to foals at about 2-3 mos of age. May be administered to mares at any stage of pregnancy or lactation. 80% alfalfa, 20% brewers yeast base.

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