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Corona Hoof Dressing

Manna Pro

* Lanolin-rich dressing provides maximum moisture control in hooves
* Softer, creamier and easier to apply – even in cold temperatures
* Great for rough skin and nails too!
* For horses, cattle and other livestock

Corona Hoof Dressing H.E.L.P.S. maintain healthy hooves.
Helps promote healing – Helpful in the treatment of quarter cracks, sole and stone bruises, hoof rot, scratches and dew poisoning. Repels water and forms a protective barrier against sweat and water damage. Antiseptic action of oxyquinoline helps reduce a wide range of microorganisms.
Eriched with vitamins.
Lanolin-rich to provide maximum moisture control in hooves. Preserves a healthy, natural, vital moisture balance. Helps maintain strength and suppleness of coronet, wall, frog, sole and heels.
Helps protect hooves against drying out, cracking, splitting and brittleness. Emollient action assists in natural, smooth re-growth of hoof horn cracks caused by dryness and hard or abrasive surfaces
Softens and aids in relieving discomfort of calluses.

Formulated to be softer, creamier and easier to apply than Corona Ointment – even in cold temperatures. Adheres well to the skin for long-lasting protection. Spreads easily (even in deep crevices) with hand, sponge or brush by pouring. Excellent for hoof packing and in the treatment of quarter cracks. Non-toxic. Contains 35% lanolin, oxyquinoline, beeswax and fragrance. Ideal for everyday use on horses, cattle and other livestock.

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