By Dr. Kevin L. Brophy, DVM

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Azoturx 15ml Paste Box of 3

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AZOTUR-X™ is formulated with all natural ingredients with absolutely no side effects. It will not test positive in any race or show jurisdiction.

AZOTUR-X™ Guaranteed Analysis: Niacinamide 15000 mg/lb Thiamine Mononitrate 1400 mg/lb Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 1000 mg/lb d-Calcium Pantothenate 700 mg/lb Riboflavin 600 mg/lb Vitamin B12 1 mcg/lb AZOTUR-X™ Feeding Instructions: Contents: 3 x 15cc oral syringes. Indications: B-complex formula promotes healthy muscles and metabolism.

For acute cases, administer first syringe immediately. Administer 2nd syringe 24 hours later. Adjust time of second treatment to follow feeding time. Administer 3rd syringe 48 hours after 2nd treatment, also after feeding. Repeat if necessary. For chronic cases: Administer 1st syringe in the morning, after feeding. Administer 2nd syringe 24 hours later, also after feeding. Administer 3rd syringe 48 hours after 2nd treatment, after feeding. Repeat monthly or as needed according to each individual, usually 2-6 weeks. Example: Assume an event is scheduled for Saturday. Administer the 1st syringe Tuesday, 2nd syringe Wednesday, skip Thursday, and administer 3rd syringe on Friday. Warnings:

Do not exceed three (3) TREATMENTS WEEKLY.  Store in a cool place. Protect from freezing.  For equine use only.  Keep out of reach of children.

For additional information on Azotur-X, contact Research Associates at: or call 1-800-330-VETS (8387). Copyright 2009. Research Associates. All rights reserved.

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