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Pastern Dermatitis Syndrome “Scratches” “Cracked Heal”

Environment can be predisposing or primary factors in equine pastern dermatitis, such as: bedding, pasture, sand, insect burden, moisture. Irritant contact dermatitis is commonly associated with chronic moisture such as muddy pastures and bathing without drying the pastern.  Of course, chronic moisture predisposes to dermatophyte (fungal) infection as well, which can be contagious to people.

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What is Head Shaking and Is It Something I Should Worry About?

The symptoms of blowing through the nostrils (snorting), rubbing the nose muzzle and face, flipping or shaking the head up and down or side to side or rotational, can be associated with ear mites, eye problems, nasal and ocular mucous membrane, irritation from allergens or irritants, sinus cavity irritation or infection, dental problems including tooth roots residing in the sinus cavity, and the head shaking syndrome.

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