About Us

  • The performance horse is a unique, unparalleled example of the magnificence of God’s creation: A superb professional, bred, trained and driven to deliver victory in every competition. Caring for this animal – in the best way possible – is a duty that lies at the heart of our mission.
  • At Abba Vet Supply, our commitment and our values are built around a unique focus: caring for the health, well-being and success of your equine athlete. Because of this unique focus, built around over 30 years of experience in treating thoroughbred and standardbred horses by Dr. Kevin Brophy, D.V.M. and his colleagues, we have created an innovative approach to selecting and offering a range of performance horse treatments and supplement supplies.
  • This web site gives you access to this unique array of products, backed by advice and support developed to help owners, trainers, grooms and others who care for and work with equine athletes.

Dr. Kevin Brophy

Owner, Attending Veterinarian

For more than 30 years, Dr. Kevin Brophy has focused his veterinary practice on performance horses. To him, they are not animals – they are patients, whose care he supervises with deep commitment, coupled with a clear understanding of the investment and value these horses represent to their owners.

Dr. Brophy received his B.S. in Animal Science from Pennsylvania State University and his D.V.M. from the University of Florida.Dr. Brophy’s personal practice is based near our warehouse at 3220 Fairlane Farms Rd, Wellington, FL. For consultation or to set up an appointment, please contact the office at 1-866-201-7836.

Please note we can only dispense Rx products to patients of Dr. Kevin Brophy and that have been approved.